One of My Favorite Artists, Teresa Baksa

Jan 20, 2014


It was a treat to visit with artist and friend Teresa Baksa in her home art studio the other day and receive a private sneak peek of her painting ‘Becoming A Star’.
Pssst, soon to be displayed to the public… read on.
(Terry’s three Border Terrier companions & official greeters: Harry, Kevey and Ada!)

becoming a star

Her painting “Becoming A Star”will be presented next month at the Cape Cod Museum of Dennis in a show entitled ‘Seven’, a curation design of Shawn Dalstrom’s; in which forty nine woman artists have been divided up into groups of seven. Each group has picked a topic which relates to the number seven… the under lying theme being ‘All About Seven’. Terry’s group chose The Pleiade’s Constellation, a Greek myth of the ‘Seven Sisters’ of the sky.

Terry wrote the following poem for her wall text of ‘Becoming A Star’ which reads:

Deep in a winter night
a star and a skater rotate on the same axis,
Cosmic debris lit glowing blue
reveals energy transforming:
a life to a dove, a dove to a star.
Her world has become a matter of perception;
a new reality coalescing.
When freed from time the stars are close.
Alone and together; no one is the same.
Just infinite beings in endless motion.
~ ~ ~

becoming a star

‘Becoming A Star’, the Seven Sisters colors in the celestal realm of heavens is blue light, a blue haze. Side of the canvas shown in photo depicting doves and brilliance of blue hued shining stars.
(Note: The Pleiade constellation can be viewed from a winter sky.)
I look forward to attending this amazing event… which without a doubt, will be something of pure shining brilliance! See you there.

‘Seven’ runs from February 14th ~ March 31st
Reception March 1st