“A Moment In The Life Of Artist Teresa Baksa…”

Jun 13, 2021


It was a gray afternoon visit with Teresa Baksa in late April that she shared a private showing with me in the inner sanctum of her studio. Through enriching conversation revolving around the inception, inspirations of her pieces, birthing with the exploration of charcoal tonal studies before painting & transitioning into her masterpieces on canvas presented here. An artistic haven sat before me & held me in awe.
To quote Teresa’ “if something is a strong feeling, I go with it.”
Shown is “saving grace”, “falling to love, when you have no control over it.”
Figure study is “white mountain that’s restraining, restrained patience but feeling restrained.”
A study for a painting of artist Salvatore Del Deo. “Alone & together in his studio, the painter works in solitude, yet he engages in dialogue with the past, present & future of his imagination.” “The artist working alone & in his imagination it’s crowded.”
Enjoy Teresa’s brilliance …