My Favorite Bit of Mouth Watering Nirvana, Ceviche how to in a snap from the shores of Cape Cod!

Oct 26, 2015


Mouth watering treats of Nirvana to easily prepare & enjoy in a snap! I used 5 pieces of plump, sweet Cape Cod Bay Scallops, & 6 ounces of organic Salmon & incorporated the following into a magical mix: begin with preparing a brine & set the salmon within the brine about 30 minutes to firm up. In the meanwhile, take a portion of a yellow, orange or red sweet pepper, & finely dice. To taste, (a little goes a long way as the red onion is strong) take a bit of a red onion, & finely dice. To this add the juice from 2 lemons, 1 lime, & a quarter of a navel orange. Next dust this mix with red pepper flakes, fresh cracked black pepper. Now finely chop up the scallops & salmon, tossing the above, & incorporating all together in a bowl & cover with saran wrap over night in the refrigerator. To plate: wash & break up into small pieces red/purple kale & toss with your Ceviche preparation, combining all into individual portions, & garnish with a bit of fresh parsley! Enjoy your absolute SCRUMPTIOUSNESS! I promise you, you’ll be glad you did! A bit of mouth watering Nirvana!