Looking for the best Lobsta Roll? Look no further than Sesuit Harbor Cafe! Whats Become a Perfect Spot to Kick Off the Summer Season & a bit of an East Dennis Landmark!

Jun 3, 2015


Located off of Sesuit Neck Rd., a hidden treasure of a find for the best ‘lobsta’ roll awaits your tasting in East Dennis at the Sesuit Harbor Cafe. Tucked along side of the marina boat yard, and not readily seen, it’s entrance is obscured by the vision of stacked parked boats. And unless you know your way, it’s easy to wonder if your GPS or Siri will be your navigational guiding light.


For Cape Codder’s, Sesuit Harbor Cafe has become synonymous in tradition with kicking off another summer season.

A colorful and classic shack, dressed in whimsey sporting Cape Cod remnants of stories to tell… jumbled buoys, fish nets, lobster pots, life preservers, boats atop a roof and benches.


And just inside you’ll find a warm and welcoming smile greeting you from Jenny. While important decisions of the day are made from choices on the blackboard, Jenny patiently waits to take your order.


My coveted, scrumptious ‘lobsta roll’ is delivered in no time flat outside by a cafe t-shirt clad food runner calling out ticketed numbers… I heard #52, ah, my winning number!


Now my only decision was to choose a seat and I couldn’t resist the ‘raw bar’ counter being reminded by a rough, hand hewed sign that read: “The World is Your Oyster”.


More tempting choices are found on a clam shaped motif board in black and white.


Or choose to sit down at one of many umbrella picnic tables to savor your meal, and socialize. Easy place for conversations and meeting your neighbor.


You no doubt will see some canines on leash as the shack is dog friendly too.
A perfect outing, with endless views of the harbor, and marina activity to watch boats lazily come and go.


just one warning, you might never want to leave…


but they have that covered, I was ‘pinked slipped’ (new meaning) at parking lot entrance, permitting a 2 hour parking duration only.

Sesuit Harbor Cafe
357 Sesuit Neck Road
East Dennis.
Open daily ~ Seasonally
May 1st until Columbus Day.
Breakfast: 7 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.
Lunch: 11:30 A.M. to #:30 P.M.
Dinner 3:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
(Dinner Memorial Day to September 15th)
cash or checks.