Greyhounds Run Straight into Your Heart

Nov 12, 2013


Giovanni – In my racing day of 100 races, I was known as the “Italian Stallion”.

The athleticism and elegance of the Greyhound reminds me of the Thoroughbred racehorse. Both are all heart, run naturally, with great stride covering ground and both at equal speeds, although; the distance varies. One is a sprinter and the other is a runner, yet; both possess a great work ethic and exuberance that takes your breath away.

The confirmation of the Greyhound is unparalleled to any other canine, as their muscle is coiled so tightly, enabling instant sprint of speed and spring like action. And if you’re paying attention you’ll find that both the Greyhound and the Thoroughbred have deep, kind soulful eyes.

The Greyhound is known as the ‘couch potato’, yep, not literally only figuratively speaking. A creature who is known for long low periods of rest in between their sprinting sprees and make for a perfect pet and companion.

Gentle in demeanor, and pleasing at heart, there is also a fun wacky side to their nature as well, that is very endearing. A sense of showing off in an exuberant manner, pausing by dropping low on their haunches and springing forth prancing and dancing with their forelegs… they are known to demonstrate perfect yogic postures in ‘downward dog’ and ‘upward dog’, reminding us that there is nothing hurried, rushed or forced going into a posture or coming out of one. Our animals are our teachers, we only have to observe and take their lead. I highly recommend adopting one, two or three of these very gentle and entertaining souls… who no doubt, will find a way into your heart and keep you laughing for a very long time!

Adoption can be found via Greyhound Pets of America.