Gone To The Dogs At ‘Hot Diggity’ Dog Wash & Boutique!

Nov 29, 2015


If you’ve got a dog, well then scoot right on over to ‘Hot Diggity’ in Dennis Port, where you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store, only it’s all about dogs!

Everything from self service bubble baths for your canine friend, or book an appointment to have Fido professionally pampered & groomed, and be sure to check out the canine boutique! Oooh la la, so many choices from hand knitted jewel tone winter sweaters, to reversible jackets, matching collars & leashes, stuffed toys, shampoos, edible cookies made in America and more paraphernalia to delight & laugh over.


We were immediately greeted with a caring welcome by Ashley, shown here with Phoebe! Ashely enthusiastically guided us through the boutique, and offered a selection of natural scented shampoos with a coconut base (no sulphates here) to sniff & pick for the self service bathing offered, which was the reason we were there! Choices of: Cucumber Pomegranate, Lavender, or Honey Suckle made the choosing challenging… Honey Suckle with a subtle fresh & clean sweetness won out in the end.

But before the bath, we had a little perusing to do first! Click on the slide show & come take a tour with us!

Hot Diggity boutique is all about service, yes service! Refreshingly so! My first time in – a newby at this, I was given complete & easy instruction from Ashely on how to use the sprayer wash & rinse, given my Honey Suckle shampoo, along with a brush to de-shed fluffy Phoebe a bit before bath, & a rubber apron which read: ‘Dog Lover’ of course! Set at your bathing station (there are a few stations) is a tub filled with neatly rolled white towels for drying, & a power jet – cool air- dryer for drying, you’re informed that they are noisy, so there aren’t any surprises! The water temp is even preset! How perfect is that? They offer 10 baths & the 11th one is free. Sweet… this is pooch haven with out a doubt!

Created by Master Mind & owned: Nicole Merriman
Manager: Ashley
‘Hot Diggity’ Dog Wash & Boutique
Located at: 677 Main Street in Dennis Port.
Hours: 8 AM – 6PM.
Phone: 508-258-0208
Street parking or plenty of parking to be found rear of store.