‘Goat Green Cape Cod’… Something to Baaaah About!

Jun 19, 2015


Okay, I had to stop my car when I spied these cuties grazing on my friend’s sheep fescue! I thought how like her to adopt some goats. Which naturally led to an email query: what’s the story? Only to learn they are out on loan from ‘GOat Green Cape Cod’!

Goats Cape Cod

Yes.’Goat Green Cape Cod’ is all about natural vegetation management! Eco friendly grazers, mowing their way through invasive weeds, brush, poison ivy, and thorny brush restoring balance!
And the best part? All accomplished without herbicides!


The ingenious idea of Stacey Greaves, using one of mankind’s oldest animal companions. How cool is this?
And in case you didn’t know, goats are intelligent creatures much like our beloved dogs only a bit more independent in spirit.


Call or email Stacey Greaves for more information on her goats to the rescue:



You’ll be glad you did!