My New Discovery: Lip Smacking Goodness comes to Dennis Village at Good Fellas Gelateria!

May 31, 2015


The absolute best Gelato with 24 amazing flavors to tantalize your cravings has arrived in Dennis Village at Good Fellas Gelateria! And just in time to kick off the summer season!
Kudos and thanks go to the vision of proprietor’s Paul Sullivan &
Chuck Deluga… a couple of good fellas, really!


Spectacular colorful gelato selections displayed in a custom designed Italian case. A classic story reveals in the telling of the trials and tribulations of opening on time… as Paul tells: “the display case left Italy on time and at customs in New York was held up with no release date. As a result, couldn’t set an opening date. When it did arrive, it was discovered the measurements had been given in the metric system and the door wouldn’t accommodate the case. So luckily enough, being in the building business I got the saw out and made it bigger!”


Paul readily gave me several samplings to savor on tasting spoons. ‘Mango’ was tart, refreshing, and bursting with incredible flavor! Then onto a taste of seductive ‘Salted Caramel’. The combination was rapture. Oh but wait, for then I spied the ‘Coconut’ and had to have a taste. The flavor was absolute Nirvana! I felt like a kid with too many choices and definitely challenged in making up my mind. But in the end, I succumbed to the magnificent ‘Mango’.


Go park your seat at the counter and enjoy your gelato favor…
sit at 1 of 3 sleek cafe tables at the opposite end of the Gelateria


sit at a court side table beneath an umbrella offering shade, and space to relax within. The atmosphere is Dennis casual, with a touch of low key Cape sophistication set amongst gracious stonewalls and deep hued purple hydrangeas. Perfect spot to people watch!


For additional seating the stonewall was specifically created with an inviting flat top. All about form and function.


A welcoming “Buongiorno” chalked greeting on black board with liquid selections to choose!
And coming soon, just imagine crunching into mouth watering gelato filled cannolis!
Good Fellas Gelateria also offers custom cakes… just ask Paul!


Run right over to:
776 Main Street
Dennis Village

Hours of operation:
10:00 A.M. to 9:00P.M.
in a few weeks extending to
10:00 P.M. for summer season.

See you there ~ Buongiorno!