Berta Walker Gallery

Jun 1, 2019



Cruising on out to Wellfleet to the Berta Walker Gallery to view and take in ‘The Couples’ exhibition late this afternoon. There I was greeted and welcomed by Berta herself. A close knit of artists gathered and met along side of a following of fans. The day was warm, a cast of fog followed softening the Wellfleet landscape. I was delighted to meet up with dear artist friends Teresa and Michael Baksa.

‚ÄčThe gifted, respected and loved artist Salvatore Del Deo was a pleasant surprise to the evening. A wealth of history and enriching life to behold within a gaze into his soulful eyes, warm expression and embracing heart.

The exhibit is rejuvenating as it is refreshing and a part of community.

Enjoy a glimpse of the evening captured below.

Berta Walker Gallery
40 Main Street Wellfleet, MA 02667