Being in the moment, the time-less-ness of yoga.

Nov 22, 2013


Mary, Betty & Dagmar in Standing Pose.

The moment we bring our awareness to our breath, that is the beginning of stillness, of being in the moment. We breathe in, we breathe out, we breathe a little more fully, a little more deeply, bit by bit we become one with our being, expanding and opening into that sense of time-less-ness.

Let us enter into our standing pose, tuning into our skeletal frame – our structural foundation, placing awareness on toes, weight centered over feet, aliveness of legs, slowly breathing into our core, into our quietness, into our strength which resides deep within. Drawing up through our frame, hands and arms resting at our sides, rib cage expanding, chest opening, shoulders back and open, creating space between our ears and shoulders, drawing up through the back of the neck all the way to the crown of the head. We remain close to the breath, following it all the way in and all the way out, our gaze is soft, seeing without seeing, quietly paying attention.

Alignment tip for standing pose: Create a spot at home to practice for a few minutes in the beginning, standing with your back against the wall, heels, bottom, shoulders, and head touching wall, tuck your chin in ever so slightly, with a pleasant expression on your face and enjoy your new alignment! You’ve grown about an inch!

And where did the time pass to? Well, that is what is meant by being in the moment, that’s where you were.

Stay tuned for more…