Awe struck, over Salvatore Del Deo! A “Storied History” I will never forget…

Oct 27, 2017

I stole away on a brilliant, confetti speckled colored fall afternoon and into the Cape Cod Museum of Art to catch the Salvatore Del Deo exhibit. Unprepared for this master’s work, I was immediately taken in and awe struck. Blown away by the magnitude of powerful energy emanating and felt. It made me pause. Time stood still, as I began to absorb what surrounded and engulfed me.
The exhibit is aptly named “A Storied History” reflecting just that. While words escape me, the wonders of life expressed began to unravel, each piece unique, brought questions to mind, to ponder of a person’s rich and traveled life. Lived with passion, intelligence, thoughtful contemplation, respect, a study, dedication of what once was.

Standing solo in the exhibit room, I had this all to myself, without interference of crowds and chatter. Del Deo’s master pieces of work took me in. I was given a glimpse into a man’s heart and soul.
A gift was given and revealed on this afternoon, that was my take away. Once, ever so briefly, I had the good and unexpected fortune to meet with Salvatore Del Deo in a different kind of art environment, the theatre hall. The play had ended. Salvatore shook my hand and quietly stood aside, as his wife Josephine graciously and softly spoke, congratulating me on my performance. I was struck by genuine kindness of heart.

A “Storied History” spoke to the depths of my inner being, resonating fully of life’s complexities, layers well lived, loved and shared!

Thanks to the Berta Walker Gallery for loan of art work.